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Ringil s.r.o.

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André Dravecký - CEO and co-founder of Ringil

He has worked in logistics for 15 years. He has tried various logistics professions in his family company - he was a driver or dispatcher. He was the first in Central Europe to digitally mediate the transport of goods - he founded Shipvio. He is now using his innovative potential to the full in Ringil, with which he wants to completely change the world of logistics.

[email protected]

Miloslav Vlach - CTO and co-founder of Ringil

He is an experienced architect with more than 15 years of experience in technology architecture in banks, communication and manufacturing companies. At Ringil, he capitalizes on his technical skills to make logistics processes work much better.

[email protected]

Michal Bako - CPO

He has been building technology products and companies for more than 15 years. He has managed large projects at Škoda Auto, ČSOB and Raiffeisenbank. As a specialist in process management, he enjoys logistics immensely. In the early stages he transformed the first Czech unicorn -

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get all the modules?

What languages does Ringil work in?

How does Ringil cover the logistics process?

Is there any chat in the system for quick communication?

How long does it take to implement?

87 %

So many customers have told us, "Ringil helps me a lot in my daily work."

They now need 20% of their previous capacity to service the logistics process.

Run Your Logistics Operations Fully Online

Routine to the software


Most actions can be done with a single click - whether it's sending an inquiry to dozens of carriers, urging missing information or making changes to the route or content of a shipment. Leave the often repetitive routine tasks to automation.



Ringil simply connects to your ERP systems and gives access to all your employees and partners - carriers and suppliers. You get a single platform for user communication and data management.



Track your KPIs online with basic reporting or get a specific view tailored to your exact needs. You get high-quality and precisely targeted reporting.

Game changer


You rely on a strong digital partner. Ringil will fully replace the existing system pencil-paper-excel spreadsheet. It records clearly whatever you need, both on your side and on the partners. Changes are visible immediately.

Worry-free infrastructure


You're not dealing with technology. We run Ringil on Google's cloud infrastructure. That makes it reliable and available anytime. And you don't have to install anything.

Logistics S to XL


A different size fits everyone. That's why the Ringil platform is modular and you can choose from modules. You use only what you need. The system is as simple and clear as possible. Important dials or fields we can can be adapted to your needs.