Timeslot management. Efficiently and clearly.

Simple management and a comprehensive overview of time windows in one place. Always up-to-date and for everyone - you and your carriers. It's clear who's bringing or taking what, where and what.

Efficient through simplicity

Timeslot booking in a few clicks, clear display and carrier involvement. All without the need for training.

One source of truth for all

Managers, warehouse managers, dispatchers, but also carriers. They all work with the same source of information.

No mistakes

No more collisions on ramps and no more stress. Ringil simply won't allow mistakes.

Drivers are going to be safe

By adding an outdoor panel, drivers know when and where to arrive. The mobile app shares information about their current location.

The best warehouse assistant

Everyone in the warehouse knows what's what and where. Instead of surprises, they are ready.

Always available and up to date

Ringil is available 24/7 and all information is immediately available to everyone. No waiting.

up to 22%

cost saving


transparency for the warehouse and the carrier


saving time for planning

Absolute visibility

All locations.
All ramps.
All timeslots.
In one place.

Let the carrier plan directly. You get it for free.

Let the carrier plan directly. You get it for free.

Add a carrier - it costs you nothing. They will make the reservations. You'll save time and effort.

In addition, you can create a clear directory of carriers including contacts

Book timeslots conveniently

Usually timeslots are booked by carriers. But you can easily create them too. There's nothing to it.

Book timeslots conveniently

Avoid the stress of messing up time windows. Choose timeslots according to your needs. Duplicity Ringil watches for you - it won't let you schedule two manipulations on the same ramp at the same time. Depending on the time you set manipulation time, it calculates the exact end time of the reserved slot.

Information in the palm of your hand

You can immediately see the status, the code of the scheduled shipment or the cargo. The ramp staff can easily verify the correct carrier and Truck registration number.

JAN9374 (RS9793)
JAN9374 (RS9793)

12:00 - 12:30
(30 min)

2x EURO paleta

V: Klara Vesela (11. 01. 2023)
U: Klara Vesela (12. 01. 2023)

Clear detail for better focus

All your booking data in one place. Easily verify the load, clarify the duration handling time, view carrier details or read an extra note.

Ready for changes

You can make every change in one go. A new ramp, a new time, a revised load. The change you make is immediately to everyone.

Even better visibility with labels.

The scorpions make it easy to find your way around the reserves. You define the tags yourself and share them within your of your company.

Labels are flexible colour markings.

They make navigating the jungle of reservations faster and easier.

You can create and change them very easily.

The logic of their use is up to you.

Status timeslots for intuitive orientation

You can get a good idea of the number of transports thanks to the indicated statuses. Simple symbols and signal colours are can be understood by all.

Control of vehicle arrivals with an outdoor sign

Perfect overview for drivers and ramp workers. Smart use of system data - and the trucks are on the move safe.

The ramp operator simply adds the vehicle registration number and ramp information to the outdoor board. The driver knows that he can and exactly where to park the vehicle. Excellent visibility even from a distance.

Manage sites and ramps without restrictions

Add the location and its ramps yourself. How much you need. We do not limit you in any way. Add a ramp or edit the name of the ramp exactly.

The Site Directory is a great tool for managing all the locations where cargo is handled. For for each site you can also choose the individual ramps (number of ramps per name).

Smart opening hours

How many ramps are there? What is the name of the one for bulky loads? How's it open on Thursdays? Tomorrow we need to close ramp 3, how do I let the carriers know? Close the ramp for the day for or adjust the hours for Christmas. It's easy.

Smart opening hours

Change is life, especially in logistics. Simply change the standard operating hours of the ramp whenever you or schedule exceptions (e.g. for holidays, summer or inventory). The system remembers the adjustments reliably and dispatchers, warehouse workers or drivers are less stressed. Everyone sees the update right away. Nor A closed ramp doesn't derail the traffic in your depot.

More efficient handling on ramps today

In the base you have

  • Unlimited number of time window reservations
  • Unlimited locations and ramps
  • Free access to all your carriers
  • Management with 24/7 accessibility from anywhere, even from your mobile phone.
  • Automatic notifications via email and SMS

You can extend the module with

  • Connection to HW outdoor board

For a monthly fee from

260 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get all the modules?

What languages does Ringil work in?

How does Ringil cover the logistics process?

Is there any chat in the system for quick communication?

How long does it take to implement?

87 %

So many customers have told us, "Ringil helps me a lot in my daily work."

They now need 20% of their previous capacity to service the logistics process.

Run Your Logistics Operations Fully Online

Routine to the software


Most actions can be done with a single click - whether it's sending an inquiry to dozens of carriers, urging missing information or making changes to the route or content of a shipment. Leave the often repetitive routine tasks to automation.



Ringil simply connects to your ERP systems and gives access to all your employees and partners - carriers and suppliers. You get a single platform for user communication and data management.



Track your KPIs online with basic reporting or get a specific view tailored to your exact needs. You get high-quality and precisely targeted reporting.

Game changer


You rely on a strong digital partner. Ringil will fully replace the existing system pencil-paper-excel spreadsheet. It records clearly whatever you need, both on your side and on the partners. Changes are visible immediately.

Worry-free infrastructure


You're not dealing with technology. We run Ringil on Google's cloud infrastructure. That makes it reliable and available anytime. And you don't have to install anything.

Logistics S to XL


A different size fits everyone. That's why the Ringil platform is modular and you can choose from modules. You use only what you need. The system is as simple and clear as possible. Important dials or fields we can can be adapted to your needs.