Transport management. Everyone is up to date 24/7.

Perfect transport records. Including all details, documents and communication with carriers. Changes visible immediately.

Your data doesn't get stuck - take advantage of a wide range of reporting options.

Transparent transport management

Quality overview of shipments. The whole process under control, with all the details at your fingertips.

Fast carrier enquiries

Efficiently send the request to all carriers at once. Offers clearly in one place.

Easy progress monitoring

Always up-to-date information on the individual transport steps. Clear visualization. All information available immediately.

Integrated communication

News directly inside Ringil. You can see the carriers' reactions immediately. Including those sent by email.

Documents together

All your shipping documents in one place. From suppliers, carriers or internal.

Use data

Look at the data in hindsight - how much do different carriers charge, what is their reliability or response time? With the ability to export data to Excel.

up to 15%

transport costs saved

up to 83%

saving time in transport management


satisfaction of the internal team

Perfect overview

Convenient display of all transports. Important information at a glance.

The change is foreseen

You can easily keep your shipping information up to date

Messages from carriers directly in the system - and you can reply straight away.

You read and write messages directly in the system - straight from your user account. All carrier responses you can see online.

You write comfortably. You can also respond from email. And without logging in. All messages are stored securely.

The carrier's reply to the email is immediately processed by Ringil and displayed clearly in a single conversation thread. You write without having to log in.

You can find a carrier really easily

One click to send an enquiry and a second to select from the offers. Are you looking for a specific carrier or a whole group. By selecting one carrier, the other offers are automatically rejected. Done by 10 seconds.

Your enquiry covers everything from the itinerary to special vehicle or driver requirements. Carriers have the information together and can send a complete quote quickly. You see everything clearly so you can to choose the best one.

Without ambiguity and vain expectations.

Has the carrier received an inquiry? Has he read it yet? In the system, or in an email?

Take a look at the carrier. In Ringil you will see the status of the sent inquiry - delivered, read or error delivery. Clear for each contact.

Regular transports? Then definitely from templates!

The route, carrier or load requirements are automatically filled in, all with the possibility of editing. You don't have to to remember site opening times and contacts. Setting up a shipment is a matter of minutes.

You are ready for carrier enquiries

Save your preferred carriers directly in the template. Including the expected price. Ringil will then fill in this information for for you.

Attach documents to the shipments.

The delivery note is provided by the supplier, the CMR is uploaded by the driver from his mobile phone and the invoice is delivered by the accounting department - all carefully organized and stored. In one place and available at any time. With easy sharing options

It takes paint - use labels!

It takes paint - use labels!

Colour-coded labels with descriptions help you keep track of your shipments. You choose the sorting criteria and there is no limit to the number of labels.

Exactly according to your needs

Exactly according to your needs

You define the label by colour and text. The use is flexible. Labels speed up and simplify navigate the jungle of notifications. You can create and change them very easily. The logic of their use is on you.

You can monitor the progress of the transport in real time directly in the system.

The driver confirms each manipulation in the mobile app and shares their location via GPS.

We also think about carriers

The mobile app gives you an overview and allows you to prepare.

Save hundreds of thousands of CZK per month

In the base you have

  • Unlimited number of shipments
  • Free access to all your carriers
  • Integrated internal chat with carriers
  • Automatic notifications by email
  • Management with 24/7 accessibility from anywhere, even from your mobile phone.
  • Reporting

You can extend the module with

  • Contractual arrangements
  • Generate orders in PDF

For a monthly fee from

480 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get all the modules?

What languages does Ringil work in?

How does Ringil cover the logistics process?

Is there any chat in the system for quick communication?

How long does it take to implement?

87 %

So many customers have told us, "Ringil helps me a lot in my daily work."

They now need 20% of their previous capacity to service the logistics process.

Run Your Logistics Operations Fully Online

Routine to the software


Most actions can be done with a single click - whether it's sending an inquiry to dozens of carriers, urging missing information or making changes to the route or content of a shipment. Leave the often repetitive routine tasks to automation.



Ringil simply connects to your ERP systems and gives access to all your employees and partners - carriers and suppliers. You get a single platform for user communication and data management.



Track your KPIs online with basic reporting or get a specific view tailored to your exact needs. You get high-quality and precisely targeted reporting.

Game changer


You rely on a strong digital partner. Ringil will fully replace the existing system pencil-paper-excel spreadsheet. It records clearly whatever you need, both on your side and on the partners. Changes are visible immediately.

Worry-free infrastructure


You're not dealing with technology. We run Ringil on Google's cloud infrastructure. That makes it reliable and available anytime. And you don't have to install anything.

Logistics S to XL


A different size fits everyone. That's why the Ringil platform is modular and you can choose from modules. You use only what you need. The system is as simple and clear as possible. Important dials or fields we can can be adapted to your needs.